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Get high ROI lead gen service for your online business

I help online businesses get 20-50 qualified leads every month through targeted cold emails and LinkedIn outreach. Simple, effective, and tailored to your needs.

ICP Research and
Precision Targeting

In-depth Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) research to ensure we reach the right audience. I aim to identify and target prospects that best fit your business, ensuring precision in every campaign.

Highly Targeted Copywriting

Every message counts. That's why I focus on creating a highly targeted and personalized copy. Tailored messaging directly addresses your prospect's needs and interests, significantly increasing engagement and response rates.

Personalized Email and LinkedIn Sequences

Your ICP won't just hear from you; they'll feel like you're talking directly to them. I craft and deliver personalized email and LinkedIn sequences that resonate with your target audience. These sequences are designed to not only reach your ICP but also to build meaningful connections with them.

Direct Meeting Requests and Positive Responses

The ultimate goal is tangible results — meeting requests and positive responses delivered directly to your inbox. I streamline the process of converting prospects into potential clients, making sure you see real, actionable outcomes from our efforts.

Customer Reviews

"I have been doing B2B marketing and cold outreach to prospects for years, and Vovik is definitely one of the most knowledgeable and hard-working experts I have had the pleasure of working with. He is a great guy who cares deeply about his client's success. I would highly recommend using his services."
- Robert Tuchman, Co-founder at Amaze Media Labs, podcast host Entrepreneur Magazine
"When I started working with Vovik, I was completely new to Cold Outreach and in the midst of a steep learning curve. I found Vovik to be incredibly knowledgeable and also appropriately cautious. He ensured that our campaigns reached the right people at the right time, and he was careful not to utilize the campaign in an unethical way while still ensuring its effectiveness."
- Laura Meyer, Owner at JoyBrand Creative
"Vovik's knowledge of creating cold ​email sequences and his expertise in ​copywriting and deliverability ​consultations made for a seamless and ​effective process. He always kept us ​up-to-date on progress. Vovik delivered ​the project on time and exceeded our ​expectations. I would highly ​recommend Vovik for any similar ​projects in the future."
- Bogdan Tysky, General Manager at
"Vovik does a great job of getting us high-quality leads that turn into results. His cold email outreach setup is high quality, and he's very diligent and organized."
- Brett Sklar, Co-founder at Trailergram
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